Looking to become the next title contender in the UFC featherweight division, Vteam athlete “Killer” Cub Swanson talks about his dedication to the sport of
Mixed Martial Arts and how it has lead him to this moment in his career.

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Meet Helga Goebel, she is one of the newest members to the Vteam. The 36 year old native Brazilian who now resides in Miami, Florida will be competing and representing VIRUS for Stand Up Paddle in 2014. VIRUS takes a look at how Goebel got her start in water sports and what led to her to the passion that defines her-Stand Up Paddle.

Helga Goebel’s interest in water sports began with competitive windsurfing which was passed down from her father when she was just sixteen years old. Goebel moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1998 and went to work for one of the biggest windsurf stores in the country called Water-Play. During her six years at Water-Play she was introduced to, and fell in love with the wild world of kite surfing. Water-Play was eventually sold and shortly thereafter she began working as a partner with Neil Hutchinson at the Fort Lauderdale Watersport concession. That is when Goebel finally got to try a Stand Up Paddle Board. Since then Goebel has tried to get into the water every day. For Goebel SUP started as physical therapy for a kite board accident she had been in. From there she was hooked and used SUP for her daily exercise, diving, exploring sea life and just to relax. For Goebel the next challenge was to race. Goebel entered the lifeguard series in her local area and loved it so much that she enters every race she can enter now.
Since then SUP has been Helga Goebel’s passion. It has become her inspirational and motivational tool that makes her feel in control of her life and health. The minute Goebel’s board touches the water, she feels relaxed and an incredible calmness comes over her. For Goebel it is just her, the board and the ocean.
Helga Goebel has been told by many new comers to the sport that she is an inspiration to them. For Goebel, those words are inspiring to her because she gets to share her passion for the sport she fell in love with – Stand Up Paddle.
Check out Helga in action:

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As the 2014 OC Throwdown competition rolled into town, VIRUS wanted to make solid impact with the CrossFit community. VIRUS set up a large booth space showcasing the 2014 spring line featuring the new women’s and some of the men’s products. The great response was overwhelming and exciting! VIRUS had two athletes attending the competition, Kenny Leverich from Orange County, CA and Wes Piatt from central California. Both athletes were determined to win the event this year. Leverich had a lot of confidence coming in to the event being he was the defending champion. Leverich and Piatt started out great and were holding their own going into day two, and Leverich was even leading going into the last event. For the last men’s event all the competitors gave it their all and in the end Piatt finished 9th overall and Leverich finished 3rd overall for the weekend respectively. First place went to Julian Serna and second place went Ben Garard in the men’s division. In the women’s division Lindsey Valenzuela took first, Julie Foucher second, and Samantha Briggs was third overall for the weekend. On a lighter side of the event one of the competitors, Kevin Ogar, suffered a spinal cord injury while attempting an Olympic Lift. This horrific accident has left us devastated for Kevin, his family, friends, loved ones and his gym community. Unfortunately, Kevin is uninsured and will require significant funds for his medical journey. There has been a fund raising site set up for Kevin and any donation will help. If you are interested in helping, please visit to donate. 100% of the donations will go directly to Kevin.
Below are some photos from our adventures at the 2014 OC Throwdown:

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The VIRUS crew felt it was necessary to make a good showing at A1 for a couple of reasons. First, two of our Vteam riders were racing and second, the stadium is only 10 minutes from the VIRUS headquarters. Vteam rider and current 250 SX east champion Wil Hahn was making his debut in the 450 SX class and he was there to make sure people knew that he would be a threat for wins this year. Returning Vteam rider Dakota Tedder was more ready this year than in the past. For the first time he was injury free and had a lot time for testing over the off-season, so he was ready to show his skills. Being A1, the pits were crazy all day with the new teams and riders. There was a lot of excitement in the air with there being so many riders in both the 250 and 450 classes that win on opening night. In the 450 class Vteam rider Wil Hahn had a good battle in his first heat race, but came up short to qualify for the main event. In the semi Hahn came out swinging and dominated the field for the win. In the main event Hahn got off to a bad start and was at the back of the pack. He rode a great race and moved through the pack to eventually finish 11th overall. In the 250 class Vteam rider Dakota Tedder got of to a slow start in his heat race, but turned it on half through the race and started to move forward. He was pushing hard then lost the front end in a corner to wash out and crash. Tedder remounted quickly and didn’t lose a spot. He had to get 9th to qualify for the main and he knew it. Tedder put on a charge like no other to pass two riders with three corners to go. Tedder finished 8th with a huge fist pump to qualify for the main. For the 250 main Tedder got pinched out on the start and was in last place. Tedder got into a good rhythm and started charging forward and eventually finished 13th, his best Supercross finish to date. Congratulations to the Vteam riders on their respectable finishes. Next week the series moves to Phoenix, AZ where the Vteam will be going for their first wins of the season.

Check out some of the photos from A1:

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